Living through your passion is living for the good reason.” Victorine Mwayoma-Lokomba

At SUAMI, we strive to provide swimwear you can LIVE in. Each product is born out of our PASSION, promotes SUSTAINABILITY, is created with the highest QUALITY,  and is a unique DESIGN. WE promise to DESIGN it, so YOU can LIVE it.


Our passion arises from our founder’s, Kelian’s, journey. Born in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in 1991, Kelian Suami migrated to Europe at the age of three years old, with his family. The Suami family settled in Brussels, and Kelian adopted Brussels as his hometown. Growing up in a diverse, multicultural environment, Kelian was ever fascinated by the Mediterranean coast and gravitated towards the ocean. Kelian spent endless seasons in the ocean, surrounded by soft sand and soaked by the golden rays of the sun. He always searched for the perfect swimwear – one that combined design, quality, and sustainability.

Kelian contemplated launching his own brand for approximately ten years. A decade after its conception – Kelian is proud of his dream, his passion for fashion, and his entrepreneurial spirit have materialized into the SUAMI brand.

Starting with our very first swimwear collection, the SUAMI brand is committed to designing an ecologically responsible and elegant swimwear product. The SUAMI brand wants to support the environment, so that all humans and fish alike can enjoy the part of the planet that we love best – the water!

We desire to create products that can have a positive impact on protecting our oceans. As such, our pioneer product line –  John’s swimwear – is manufactured with eco-polyester, recycled yarn from plastic bottles. The recycled polyester also adds to the comfort of our swimwear.

At SUAMI, we wish to expand our impact via financial support. As such, a portion of our profits will be donated to TheOceanCleanup. TheOceanCleanup is a Dutch non-profit organization founded in 2013. The organization’s mission to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.


SUAMI guarantees 100% European production. One of our brand goals is to support our neighbors and distinguish ourselves by the quality of our products.
We want you to know where your SUAMI swimwear comes from, with a transparent production cycle and pricing. Our textiles are fabricated in Spain; while our accessories are sourced from Milan, Italy; and our swimwear is manufactured in Portugal. We are confident that our acute attention to quality adds to the comfort of our swimwear.


Inspired by the everlasting, deep magic of summer nights on the French Rivera and in Ibiza, the SUAMI brand promises to deliver a design combination of elegant chic and simplicity, the typical European style. Our innovative design combination is evident in every garment we create.

Obsessed by the intercultural heritages, expressed in our brand, we are extremely attentive to every detail of each product, creating personalised prints to create unique pieces.