Our story


Our story begins with words

Five letters: SUAMI. This word brings together our main components: Mi ('me' referring to individual freedom), Swam (the idea of swimming and swimwear), ami (meaning 'friend' in French and associated with the idea of family). Backwards, it reads 'I am us'. SUAMI combines the individual identity and the sense of belonging to the world and nature. 

Clothes function like words. We can use them both to communicate, to actively engage with the people around us. But they can also serve as a deep and meaningful way of expressing our identity and values. This is why we see our swimwear as an aesthetic language that reflects our lifestyle and vision.

Our story, just like Life, begins with water

The idea of the project originated during a trip in Thailand. Kelian, the brand's founder, thought that there was something missing in the fashion world: a swimwear brand reconciling quality, aesthetics, and sustainability, where the individual values of freedom, happiness, and comfort go hand in hand with social and environmental values.

SUAMI’s printed shorts are made from oceanic plastic waste. Thanks to our collaboration with the organization Seaqual™, we manage to create a cycle between waste and high quality garments. We believe in the lessons that nature teaches us. Organic waste can turn into the most precious fertilizers which, in turn, can produce the most beautiful flowers or plants. In the same way, we use inorganic waste to make real artworks.

Our story goes through space 

Water, just like the sea, symbolizes change and the transition from one place to another. Water connects every continent and creates links between people. We find it very important to provide swimwear that enables people to move and to travel. 

We think that culture is an utmost valuable human gift and heritage. The multicultural character of our project is essential. Kelian is born in Congo, Africa, the project's idea is born in Asia and the product is fully made and designed in Europe. To complete the circle, Kelian got his taste for travel while studying in the USA, just after his final year of college.

Our goal is to offer versatile swimwear. Swimwear that can be worn at various locations (restaurants, beach, nature) and various circumstances (water sports, parties, dolce vita), during the day or at night. But even more important than the diversity of contexts is the diversity of bodies. As an inclusive brand, we want our products to fit every type of body.

Our story is your story

Every SUAMI beachwear tells a story. An aesthetic, a cultural, a social, an ecological, and a human one. But the story of each of our clothes is incomplete as long as it does not meet the story of a wearer.

Through our website you’ll travel with us.Respect for human values ​​and our planet is our priority. We hope to seduce  and take part of the journey with you. Welcome to Suami's world, and remember, never stop dreaming