Our values

100% EU - Designed in Belgium, made in Portugal

SUAMI relies on a 100% European production line, ranging from Belgian design, Italian or Spanish textiles, to Portuguese craftsmanship.

Our work represents a multicultural accomplishment and collaboration between countries and know-hows. It celebrates the unity in diversity.

Our European roots allow us to provide high-quality garments, decent working conditions, and a local production cycle, hence reducing fossil fuel dependency. All of our swimsuits are Oeko-tex® certified, a label guaranteeing the human and ecological safety of textile products.

Each swimsuit symbolizes a unique European flag.


Eco-Friendly - The art of slow fashion

Because nature has a positive impact on us, we want to have a positive impact on nature. In order to combine social concerns and textile quality with eco-responsibility, our products follow a key principle: using both innovative and eco-friendly materials.

To associate human innovation and conservation of the environment, the SUAMI philosophy is based on four eco-pillars:

- Knitting eco-yarns: we use raw materials such as post-consumer recycled yarns and biodegradable fibers in order to knit them into eco-polyester fabrics.

- Upcycling: we re-use production scrap to avoid waste.

- Waterless printing: we drastically reduce the amount of water used in manufacturing through low-usage dyeing processes, preferring dry printing and finishing techniques.

Sustainability: we create longer life products that have a lower medium-term impact on the environment.

All this is made possible thanks to our fabric supplier SEAQUAL™, a Spanish company that aims to rid the ocean of plastic waste by providing eco-fibers and yarns. For each kilo of fiber thus obtained, we alleviate the ocean of one kilo of waste.

Less is more: slow fashion makes us consume less and better.


Unique design - More than a brand, a lifestyle

We believe that clothes do not merely reflect who we are, but also shape us. This is why we combine our ethical, social, and environmental concerns with individual values such as freedom, happiness, and pleasure. 

Our prints are hand-drawn artworks, inspired by the timeless magic of Ibiza, a combination of elegance and simplicity, modernity and tradition, comfort and authenticity. We designed three types of swimsuit, each matching a different lifestyle: Vibe, Explorer and Elegance.

Our designs are printed by sublimation, an ecological process ensuring high resistance to salt, sun, and chlorine, while conserving the brightness and delicacy of our drawings.

 “Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi) 


Social Engagement - Helping the Helpers

Our cycle approach is not limited to the manufacturing process or the swim short's life, as we devote a part of our profits to TheOceanCleanup, one of the most active associations in the fight against the pollution of the oceans. Founded in 2013 by Boyan Slat, this European organization develops advanced technologies to remove plastic waste from our waters. To support the association's vision and action, one euro will be donated for every pair of swim shorts purchased. 

Doing things in the present is one thing. Moving towards the future is another. We are, therefore, currently working on a project of voluntary beach cleanups to raise awareness about the issues of overproduction and single-use plastics.

We want to reconcile the individual and the community, the way we dress and the way we are.